The Perils of Penelope, or, Potty Training a Toddler is Not for Wusses.

(Warning: Potty-Training Post Follows. Although I will not be graphic at all in my description, if you are not down with all things crumbfaced-munchkin related or have issues with the words pee, poop, or panties, perhaps you should wait until next time.)

So we're potty training Sarah. I had grand ambitions yesterday for putting her in a pair of big-girl panties and a pair of those waterproof training pants and seeing how she did with that. Let's just say she may have lasted three minutes before I had her in the tub, trying to not get wet things all over the floor. I am not the kind of Mommy who is down with the "let them go without underpants" method of potty training. Someone has to clean that up, and around here someone = Mommy.

We've explained, and continue to explain rather patiently, that if she feels like she needs to pee or poop, just tell Mommy or Daddy and we'll go straight to the potty. We've spent a good bit of time just sitting on the potty. We've read "Once Upon a Potty" (which, Prudence? Really? For the girl's name? Not awkward to read over and over again at all.)

The reality is, she sits on the potty. We read a book or two. She complains because Gizmo/Kitty-Kitty comes in the same room as her. She finally stands up, we get her all settled, wash our hands, and 3.7 seconds later she has either peed or pooped. That's just how we roll.

And, don't get me wrong, I appreciate advice. Trust me, I am sort of flying by the seat of my pants on this - pardon the pun. But yeah, I would have never thought to praise her when she does make it. And I understand people who say you shouldn't use pull-ups, but y'all seriously... do you just have hardwood floors that can be mopped, or not care about the state of your carpet? I'm not saying I value my carpet over my daughter's potty training, but there has got to be balance somewhere.

One other thing - for all my friends who run - Sarah has started saying "run, Mommy, run!" and doing a lap around the coffee table every time she sees someone on television running. We watched the Alabama/LSU game last night, and she did quite a few. I may have the next Flo-Jo on my hands... guess I better start Couch to 5K again.