The times they are changing

I bet you thought this would be a political post.

You'd be half right.

See, my church family is about to go through a fairly significant period of change. Our pastor is moving to Lubbock to join another church in a different capacity, and from November 19th to June 1st, we have what's called an Intentional Interim Pastor. He used to be the Senior Pastor at a church in Oklahoma, and is now stepping in for us until a permanent pastor can be found for Strawbridge.

So what does this mean for the future? What about our vision team that's been working on future planning? I've never been at a Methodist church during this particular sort of transition - I've managed to come in either right after or right before - so I'm interested in how the larger church works to provide a Senior Pastor, and how the church body makes the change. I've seen how tumultuous it can be in a Southern Baptist church - the politics that come into play, made more complex by the fact the church has a pastoral search committee made up of members who choose their own. There are politics involved, I'm sure, but they're at a higher organizational level.

The point is, today we don't know who will be leading us on June 1st. I know who my pastor is today, I know who will be there from November 19th to June 1st, but I don't know who will be leading my church that next day. I do know that whoever it is, we'll keep on doing the work our church does. The outreach programs will still be there. The nursery will stay open during services. My small group is not going anywhere. The choir and praise band will keep singing. And we'll keep showing up, working together to share Christ with each other, with our community in Kingwood and Houston, and the greater world. That well in El Salvador is not going anywhere.

And it seems appropriate to think about that today. I don't know who will take that oath of office in January. But I know I'll keep coming to work, my daughter will still be in daycare, and the world is not going to come to a screeching halt if one or the other stands in front of Chief Justice Roberts. I have my own preference, I cast my own vote during early voting.

The thing is, in the current environment, whoever I choose is the "wrong" choice for half the population. My personal choice is to remain kind, to make an attempt at civil discourse without name-calling, wringing of hands, or overly dramatic statements about moving to Canada (which, by the way, not as easy as I think some people may think it is.)

Be kind. Think before you speak, and ask yourself how you would feel if someone said to you what you were about to say to them.