Obligatory first post of 2012

In thinking about 2011, I can't say that it was an "annus horribilis" overall, although we did face some challenges, but I am quite glad we've moved on into 2012.

John's unexpected job change was a major point in the year; thankfully he found a new job very quickly (something I attribute completely to both his effort in searching, and the power of prayer, because who finds a job in two weeks anymore?) and we were able to move on with our lives in the second half of the year.

Because of his changes, my work life has changed even more, and it's something I'm determined to make better in 2012. I've scrapped every last bit of resume I had to end 2011 and am starting from scratch. I had started from there before, but it sounded trite. It was the same-old, same-old and it's not going to get me where I need to go. (Before you start to fret, I am not doing a graphic resume. I'm not doing a video resume. I'm not putting my information on Chanel-soaked hot pink stationery and having it hand-delivered by Jon Hamm, although maybe the Jon Hamm bit has some merit... you're welcome!)

Yesterday at church, one of our pastors reminded us that we always have the ability to start anew, and that life-changing moments can happen all the time. The start of the new year is much like the start of school; as adults it's the closest thing we get to that feeling of starting over, learning from mistakes and making new things happen.

I've read other bloggers who talk about having a word of the year, or a phrase that encapsulates what they want to do in the next twelve months. For me, it's two things really - the first is a total steal from Gretchen Rubin, author of The Happiness Project - "Be Kelly."  Accept the things that make me who I am, and understand that although there are things I can change about myself, there are other things that are so part of my personal DNA, trying to go against them is a lesson in futility. No, this doesn't mean I'm going to start regaling you all with compare/contrasts between the upcoming Hobbit movies and the books themselves, or make videos of myself drawing fractals all day. It does mean that, much like an old friend from high school (hi Jamie!) I will chase some rabbits. Some of them will be interesting, some not so much, but you never know which it will be until you get there, right?

The other thing, my Word of the Year, if you will, is "Action." I spend way, way too much time thinking about things. Before I ever write down a goal, I play it out in my head - if I take this step, what's going to happen next? Okay, so what if that happens and then I turn left instead of right? What if I get sick? What if Sarah gets sick? What if John gets sick? What if I break a leg, literally? What if Person X thinks I'm a total dork and doesn't want me on that project? Oh... okay well then we won't even go there, because ten what-ifs down the road something bad might happen if I eat a waffle for breakfast instead of oatmeal. I can think myself into inaction, so this year the goal is to just take action and be willing to fail. I'm risk-averse, and I need to remember that not all risk or change is negative, and not all failures really are true failures when all is said and done.

So. That's kind of a lot. Tomorrow I'll share some of my goal-setting for 2012. I'm making a real effort to not call these resolutions, and to focus on the smaller goals that I'm breaking these into, so that I just get through one month, one week, even one day at a time. (And yes, blogging is one of those.)