There are significant changes going on in O household, and rather than bore you with too much detail, I present to you a bulleted list of a few things. As always, these are in no particular order, and in no way listed in order of importance.

  • My company is in the process of being purchased. Short answer? That means I am a very active and motivated job seeker. It's making me face some of the fears I've been trying to avoid (failure, rejection, etc.) which is really not the worst thing that could happen to me. It's past time, and perhaps this was the kick in the pants I needed to get started in earnest. 
  • Sarah is very close to potty trained! You have no idea how happy that makes me, although I suggest purchasing stock in OxyClean if you are looking to invest. We are going through enough to personally fund your very own model Veyron. Or perhaps a Nova. Either way, it's a ton of OxyClean.
  • I can officially no longer fit in 90% of my clothes and am tired of being tired. I tend to eat my feelings, and I've had lots of "feels" as the saying goes, so you can imagine how well that's worked out. Again, something I have tried to just run away from, because if you don't acknowledge it, it doesn't exist, right? Clearly my life management plan is not working out the way I'd hoped. So it's off to the gym and farmer's market for me, and by extension, the rest of us. 
  • I'm participating in what I'll call I2 at my church. It's a leadership program, and we're basically functioning as a "train the trainer" group so we can take some of the ideas from the first group out to our individual parts of the church. I'm hoping that whatever path I'm supposed to be on is made more clear, because right now I don't have a particular ministry. I know that needs to change, I just don't know where I'm supposed to be. (Again, trying to be patient and waiting on what God wants for me is no fun, but is the fact of the matter.)
  • Sussing out my going back to school goals. Initially I just wanted to go back and be a teacher. But I'm not sure. I know I want to do something that matters, and I feel strongly about education and training as a "missing piece" - I just am not completely certain. For those that know me well, I am stubborn enough to need to feel 100% certain before stepping out. I also have a real interest in Human Resources and Organizational Development, but again, cursed with an interest in something that is completely "overhead." I just need to figure out something soon, before Sarah and I are in Freshman English together. 
At any rate, that's just a bit of our goings-on. And, because she is absolutely the center of attention right now, a picture of the Pretty, Pretty Princess. (She has Legos, but seems to prefer making her tower out of empty formula cans I'd saved, her toy drum, and a ball.)