Good news, everyone!

A quick good news post!

I have a new job, and I start July 15th! I'll be working as a Finance Assistant (including an HR component I am very happy about) for a global aviation company at Bush Intercontinental Airport.

Thankfully I won't have to drive downtown, and my commute will just be a few minutes longer. I'll also get a pay increase, which is extremely exciting!

Our summer has been a little crazy to say the very least, and I'm excited about a new routine and some new habits that are going to be better for us as a family. I'm trying to focus on the basics, put my head down, and make the positive changes we all know need to happen.

Briana has been with us for a couple of weeks. She goes home on Monday, and we will miss her very much. Sarah has really enjoyed having "Sister" with her, and the girls have had a very good time.

Happy Independence Day Eve!!