In which I explain why Jefferson County is going bankrupt

Today I received an envelope from an attorney, representing Jefferson County, Alabama.

In it, I was told that thirty days ago a check was mailed to me for my portion of Occupational taxes that was due to be refunded. That check had not been cashed, and the attorney was contacting me to confirm my mailing address.

The total amount of my refund? $1.32

Yes, that's right. $1.32

For those keeping track, the postage on this letter was $0.48. And if another check was mailed to me, that was $0.48.

Jefferson County has spent $0.96 to send a check for $1.32.  And if I fill out the form and send it back, and they then send me a check for $1.32, then a total of $1.96 in postage for a $1.32 check.

That doesn't count the amount paid to the attorney to put my name in a database and spit out this amount. Plus someone's finance person had to realize the check had not yet cleared. I'm certain none of those people are operating on a volunteer basis.

Does your head hurt yet?

And Jefferson County wonders why they have financial issues...