Well that was new.

I'm becoming a fan of new things, especially as I get older. I'm trying new foods, doing new things, and discovering the gloriousness of God's creation, especially God's gift of Julio's tortilla chips and That Green Sauce from HEB.

Monday night, I got in the back of an EMT vehicle for the first time, and I cannot say I recommend it. Long story short, my blood pressure went through the proverbial roof and I wound up in the emergency clinic after hours getting a nitro tablet (which I also do NOT recommend) and shelling out a copay because my gene pool decided to catch up with me.

I went to my own doctor the next day, and she confirmed that "you can run but you can't hide" from your family history sometimes. I am obviously making lifestyle changes and trying to figure out a better way to handle stress and/or eliminate some from my life, but the bigger issue was a family history of high blood pressure that finally showed up.

Now, to figure out how to remove some work-related stress... because if I'm being honest, 95% of my stress right now relates back to that. Maybe I need a zen garden...