Finding my words

I'm coming to a place where I can find my words to write again.

Today would have been my Daddy's 59th birthday. My brother Kevin's birthday is coming up early next month, and too soon after that, it will be a year since we lost him.

In that same month, both the girls have a birthday. I feel bad that right now I can't imagine celebrating their special days without feeling tied to that loss.

The last year has been bizarre. A job that wasn't exactly what I thought, that turned into a nightmare,and now the whole location is closing by the end of November. I have something lined up that is supposed to start the first of January, but the uncertainty of not having things 100% set in literal stone is challenging.

I'm trusting God has a purpose for this. Not just the immediate situation, but the whole year.

In the spirit of that, I'm regrouping. Training. Preparing myself to be all in. Totally and fully committed to the things on my plate. Blogging is part of that, because writing is part of who I am. It won't always be serious, trust me. But this one needs to be.

I'm finding my words again, and wanting more and more to write. So write I shall.