It's a Family Tradition

Folks ask me, "Hank why do you drink?"

No, no, not that kind of Family Tradition - although anyone with a toddler or preschooler probably has their own special answer to that question.

I'm talking about the little things we do as a family that become our traditions. One of the things Sarah loves is Saturday Morning Pancakes, particularly when Saturday Morning Pancakes have chocolate chips in them. Usually she pulls out our kitchen stepladder (two steps, no worries, but it has a handle) and stands next to me, helping mix batter, or telling me she needs more chocolate chips in her pancakes.

She gets to eat her pancakes, watch Disney, Jr. and get ready for story time at the library. John and I get to build some special memories and hope one day she's making pancakes on a Saturday morning and remembers having fun and feeling very, very loved.