You'll notice it's been a while

Yes, it has indeed been quite some time since I blogged last.

Quite honestly part of it was busy-ness. Part of it was feeling in the dumps. Part was just not knowing what I'd even write about.

Since I wrote last, the company I worked for closed its Houston location. Yes, that's right. Second time in a year I found myself unemployed (or facing unemployment) because of a closure. So I spent a great deal of time looking for a new job while trying to make certain our location was closed down as best it could be. There were lots of people involved in that and quite frankly it was just exhausting both physically and emotionally.

Since November 21st, I've officially been unemployed. The first week was easy. I churned out some applications and got ready to head to El Paso for Thanksgiving. While we were there I even went through some online applications - got to keep Texas Workforce happy - and checked my phone obsessively in case anyone was working the day after Thanksgiving.

The long drive was worth it, because we got to see things like this

We visited Murchison Park on Scenic Drive, and I got an amazing picture of my two favorite people

And the World's Most Enthusiastic Dancing Queen struck a pose in Franklin Mountains State Park

It was a really nice trip. John doesn't get to go home often, and we made the most out of this trip.

Now that we're home, it's been a flurry of activity. I've been spending my mornings at Starbucks, sending out resumes and staying out of John's hair while he works. Sarah is doing half days at preschool, and our afternoons are full of nap time and finding activities to keep her occupied. We had an early release party at church on Wednesday, and she and I helped out with that.

I had a really positive interview yesterday, and another scheduled for late this afternoon.I'm hopeful the right job for me, and the right thing for the family will work out soon. In the meantime I'm trying to be still. To listen for the message meant for me in the middle of all this chaos and bustle. I know there is a greater meaning to all this, and I can't wait to share what amazing thing is around the corner for me, and for our family.

I'm choosing to be joyful. 'Tis the season for miracles, joyful celebration, and hearts so full of love they could burst.