So in the time since my last post, things have changed fairly drastically at our house.

To recap - in November the company I worked for previously closed their Houston location, and I found myself once again scrambling for work. This time, because of the time of year, it took a little longer, and I was in the unique position of being unemployed over the holiday season.

I did find there were interviews to be had, and people were not completely unwilling to talk. I even got a few good leads out of those weeks.

One lead was great, and I was set to start temping with an oil and gas company at the end of January. Unfortunately, the price of oil continued to fall, and they had to cancel plans for temporary employees. The plus side of that was being placed as an Executive Administrative Assistant, with a company much closer to home at a better pay rate.

So things went really well for two whole weeks.

Then, John lost his job.

So now we're back to one income while he searches for the next step in his career path. I can't lie and say it's been sunshine and roses, and we've both dealt with a lot of emotions over the course of nearly four months. Life hasn't necessarily been easy, but I'm a firm believer these difficult times make us who we are, and show us what we are truly capable of accomplishing.

So we wait. He goes on interviews, gets his resume out there, and we just wait and work and pray for relief. I know it's coming, I just don't know quite when or how (which is the scary part.)

Either way, it's a meaningful learning experience. It brings me closer to God, closer to my family, and reminds me who I am in a way that easy things definitely do not.