Courting Controversy

Oh no, she's going to talk about same-sex marriage... nope.

Wait, then she's going to talk about the Confederate flag... nope.

Economic upheaval in Greece? Lucky you... nope.

Yesterday the internet saw the completely epic fail that was the #AskELJames tag on Twitter.

Someone at Twitter HQ and on EL James' PR team decided a fabulous way to promote the next worst thing in "literature" was to create a hashtag - #AskELJames - and open up Twitter for all the amazing, contextually appropriate questions that would arise from fans of questionable fan-fiction masquerading as naughty novels for whoever the heck the target audience for EL James is.

At any rate, it imploded into a beautiful mess. Schadenfreude at its finest. People asked if she was waiting for Stephanie Meyer to answer the questions first so James would know what to write. People asked what she hated more, women or the English language. People asked why she blocked survivors of domestic abuse with genuine questions about the content of her books.

Naturally people also asked about completely unrelated things - when she thought a car park in the UK would be repaired, did she favor the Libs in this election, what were her thoughts on the unrest in the Ukraine, all of which went without a response. She did answer questions about the new Magic Mike movie, what her astrological sign was, and what part of writing her new book made her cry (spoiler alert: it was not realizing what she had done and crying tears of remorse.)

I know people love these books for some reason. I'll fully admit, I have not read much of any of them, but the excerpts don't make me feel like I'm missing anything. She is probably laughing all the way to the bank, when she's not rolling around in a Scrooge McDuck vault of money.

Until then, I'll leave my questionable reading to A Song of Ice and Fire. Nothing like a little bloodthirsty medieval-esque kingdom building to take your mind off things.