"Insert Alliterative Word Here" Tuesday

Nothing really "goes" with Tuesday, except tacos. I've decided to make blogging a priority, if nothing else to help me with a creative outlet and encourage me to keep writing, even when I'm not sure what to say.

To that end, a completely random list of non-related items, in no particular order:

  • So, Game of Thrones had Stannis do THAT. I will not even type/speak it here, because it still pains me. The book purist in me believes Book Stannis would never, ever, in a million years do THAT, and I kind of want to go find the showrunners and ask what they were smoking when the decision was made. On the other hand... Danaerys the Dragonrider? Yes, please and thank you!
  • My new nightly "treat" is a spoon of Biscoff spread after Sarah goes to sleep. John is still working two part-time jobs, so the treats have to be carefully considered from both a budgetary and caloric standpoint. But it's kind of nice to have that little scoop of sweetness all to myself. 
  • I'm in the progress of switching from coffee to tea, and cutting back on the amount of caffeine I'm consuming each day, in addition to generally working on cutting back on portion size and making better choices. I can't say for certain how much is the other part and how much is all the green tea, but I honestly feel physically better now than I have in a while. Further updates to come when I have more than just a "feeling.
  • We're finally drying out here in Houston. While the San Jacinto River flooded, we didn't really have any issues where we are in Kingwood. But it's been nice enough to go to the pool after work a few times, and I'm hopeful the greenbelt trails will be dried out soon. I'm just a bit anxious about snakes right now, so Sarah and I haven't been for too many walks. Sub-point - things Kelly hates? Snakes and spiders. 

Here's to improved content as time goes on, and better writing. But you have to start somewhere. Thanks for sticking with me while I get where I'm going.