National Best Friends Day, aka I Still Haven't Found My Gulley Day

For those of you who may not have had the pleasure of reading the Big Mama blog, Melanie Shankle is a hilarious writer who I just love reading. (Now, if you are looking for high adventure, you may be disappointed, but I personally think trying to figure out dinner, and road trips can be pretty fun.)

Her latest book, Nobody's Cuter Than You, is a story of friendship, to put it simply. Real, honest, long-lasting friendships that endure longer than some marriages, longer than kids, longer and truer and more substantial than most any other relationship in your life.

Melanie's best friend is Gulley. She and Gulley became best friends in college, and it's lasted all these years. They are more like sisters than best friends, it seems, and have a bond that makes me envious.

I've had friends come and go throughout seasons and stages of my life. Some I regret allowing to slip away. Some I probably pushed away. Some are gone because of my own insecurity and fear of opening up to someone else.

I'm grateful for the friends I do have, and am working on strengthening those relationships. I may not have a Gulley, but I hope and pray one day I will. Until then, I'll work on being the best Kelly I can be, and looking for those true heart-sisters, and be open to the people God puts in my path.