Throwback Thursday - Shelling Peas

Recently I was talking with Sarah about things I remember when I was her age.

One thing that stands out VERY clearly is shelling peas. Sometimes green peas, sometimes black-eyed peas, sometimes purple-hull peas, but definitely sitting in the dining room, a basket or bushel of peas in front of us while we shelled peas.

I remember doing it at home with my mom and brother, when it was too hot outside to go play and we'd sit and watch television, one of our five or six channels. Sometimes we shelled peas at my grandparent's house, either inside or on the back porch where my Grandpa's chair always was.

Sometimes we shucked corn. Sometimes we shelled peas, but the peas are what I remember most, and it's a happy memory.

It kind of makes me want to find a farmer's market, get my hands on a bushel, and teach Sarah how to shell peas. (Then I remember I don't have freezer space and come back to reality.)

But it's funny how the simple things that don't feel like much when they're happening wind up being the things that stick with you on a hot July afternoon, when you've moved a few hundred miles away and find yourself nostalgic for your childhood.