September is for Sisters

Briana, my bonus daughter, is safely ensconced in her freshman dorm. She's studying at Ohio University, working part-time in the cafeteria, and is excited about all the possibilities ahead of her these next four years. I am so proud of her for working hard, and I know that "Sister" is going to thrive in a supportive and encouraging environment.

Sarah started pre-k this year. She's at the same daycare, but is now in the "Rascals" class, a name I feel was clearly inspired by the general behavior of four and five year old kids. She got to go with John to get Briana (I'm sorry, Sister) settled in, and was so excited about that trip she talked of little else for a week when they got back.

It was good for the sisters to be together, and good for John to have time with both his girls. That happens much too infrequently.

Now it's time to get back in our routine for the fall. We have birthdays in October - Briana's is the 15th and Sarah's is the 18th. Next thing you know it will be Christmas. Time to start shopping...

By the way, John is still looking for a job. He's working two part-time jobs and looking, but at this point we are just waiting on his next opportunity to happen. I know it will. I have absolute faith it will. It's just hard to keep on waiting and praying and being patient. Turns out that does not pay the bills.

We'll see what the next chapter of all our stories hold. Hopefully that's sooner rather than later.