Five on Friday - Stuff Edition

Five things I'm loving this Friday:

Please note, none of these are affiliate links. I get nothing from what I've shared today, other than the knowledge that someone else will know about the small things I'm loving right now.

  1. I'm studying Adam Hamilton's Revival on Wednesday nights, in a group led by our pastor. Having not been raised Methodist, it's interesting for me to get more information on the roots of our particular brand of Protestantism, and it's also helping clarify the things I love about the United Methodist Church. To top it off, it's just a great read. 
  2. K-LOVE's Spotify Channel. I listen to Spotify at work, and I love the K-LOVE Today channel. It's updated regularly with new stuff, and it works particularly well on days when I need a little pick me up, and the classical at work stations don't quite cut it. Besides, who couldn't use a little Crowder in the afternoon?
  3. I've been feeling sort of yucky lately. It's a combination of of the ragweed and junk in the air that sets up my annual October sickness. But, I've been drinking Lemon Zinger tea and it either really helps, or it just makes me feel good so I don't think about how crummy I've been feeling. 
  4. I typically don't start eating any and everything with pumpkin spice, but I like these Kashi Pumpkin Spice and Flax granola bars. I tried one a few weeks ago (at church of all places, thank you Jean for sharing!) and love them. They're in my desk snack drawer, along with my regular Luna Mint Chocolate Chip protein bars, and they're delicious. 
  5. My Frye loafers. I have had these shoes at least ten years, probably longer, and they are amazing. They still look good, they are ridiculously comfortable, and fit perfectly with my preppy sort of style. I can't even find they style any more to share, but here is the pair I keep looking at - the Erin Oxford. I did not pay anywhere near full price for mine, but considering the wear I've gotten out of them, it would be worth the price. 
So, what are you loving this week? Did I lose anyone when I mentioned pumpkin spice anything?